Farm and Domestic Animals

Owner Surrenders

We are operating at near full capacity. Therefore, we cannot guarantee placement for your animal.

We do NOT breed or purchase animals.

We are NOT a boarding facility. If we are able to accept your animal, they will NOT be returned to you under any circumstances.

When surrendering an animal, please consider a donation of any amount. This donation will help with veterinary costs, housing expansion, food and more!

Other Surrenders

We typically prioritize intakes of animals from hoarding cases, severe neglect, animal control and shelters.

Send ALL farm and domestic animal surrender inquiries to: [email protected]


If you have found a wild animal...

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED! Feeding an animal that needs help can be tempting, but it can actually be detrimental to their health! Each animal has different needs and they need to be evaluated by a wildlife rehabilitator, or other trained professional, before the proper care can be given.

DO NOT TRY TO RAISE A WILD ANIMAL YOURSELF! First of all, there are State and Federal laws against keeping wildlife without the proper permits. Raising a wild animal is not easy, especially depending on the situation. They need specific diets, antibiotics, other medicines, etc. Some species NEED to be raised with their own kind to learn and stay wild. Too much human interaction can cause attachment and the inability to be released back into the wild where they belong. Also, they can carry viruses and parasites that can spread and cause harm to you and family members!

If you have found a wild animal, please text our hotline 864-203-9613

We do no accept drop offs! Please text our hotline first so we can properly assess the situation and direct you accordingly.