About Us

Wild Pines Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue and sanctuary located in Union, South Carolina.

Wild Pines started as just a dream for so many years and in March of 2021, that dream finally became a reality. We started Wild Pines in our backyard in Greenville, SC and have plans to expand in 2022.

Wild Pines Sanctuary was founded by Tiffany Bell and Ben Hudson with the mission to provide help and sanctuary to farm, domestic and wild animals. All of the animals in our care have found their forever home and are valued as part of our family. Along the way, we intend to show everyone that these creatures are just like us; individuals with unique personalities, feelings and emotions! It is important for us to educate the public about the impact of animal agriculture in hopes that everyone will make thoughtful and conscious decisions.

Wild Pines Sanctuary is home to over 30 rescued animals and hopefully many more to come! Our residents have come from a variety of situations and past experiences. We don't have limitations to what past experiences a resident has had in order to rescue them. Some have been brought to us through owner surrender, rescue from slaughter, cruelty cases, drop off or dumping, hoarding cases, and more. Our residents' needs are priority and we are committed to their health and happiness. Nothing is more important than making sure they are healthy, comfortable and ready to live out the rest of their lives as they please.

Meet our team