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This is Lunar, along with two other rabbits, were dumped in a parking lot earlier this year. We were contacted about them by folks at a nearby business. All three rabbits were able to be captured, but sadly they were not all captured in time to save them all. Lunar and one other rabbit (Dusk) survived after a long recovery process, but the third rabbit didn't make it out of his first vet appointment.

Domestic rabbits are not made to survive in the wild. It is horrific and cruel to just let them go to fend for themselves. They are susceptible to many illnesses not to mention all of the predators!

All three of the rabbits from this rescue had fallen victim to bot flies. They had several larvae embedded in them and were suffering from infections/abscesses from the larvae. Thankfully, with the help of several supporters, we got them all of the care that they needed and the two of them made a full recovery!

Rescueversary: June 28, 2022