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Melody was brought to us as an orphan recovering from severe fly strike. She was a late season baby and there was a chance she wouldn't make the release cut off before the winter weather hit.

Unfortunately, as predicted, she could not be released in time since she was still too little. Therefore she needed to be overwintered. Overwintering opossums is not an easy task since they can easily start to rely on you and potentially become less wild and way more friendly. This is NOT something we would ever want for a wild animal.

Despite our best efforts of keeping her wild, she was just too fascinated by us. She was like that the day we received her, but thought she would get more wild over time. She was always waiting by the door and would climb out onto us when we went in to give her food and water. She even showed curiosity toward ‘’strangers” (aka anyone that didn't feed or interact with her in any way).

While she she has been deemed “unreleasable,” we like to keep her as wild as we can. She primarily stays outside in an enclosure filled with trees, branches, leaves, etc. We visit with her every morning and she is always waiting by the door. She loves to climb onto our lap and sniff around before she settles down with her food.

Rescueversary: September 27, 2022