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Pearl was attacked by a rooster causing her to go blind in both eyes. A kind woman pulled her from that situation and reached out to us.

Pearl suffered trauma to only one eye during the attack so it was a mystery as to why she went blind in the other eye. The vet says it may have been due to pressure build up and prescribed eye drops. Once the eye drops didn't work, the vet suggested euthanasia since she would never see again. Pearl has a lot of life to live at just around 1 year old, and had a great quality of life with just that small impairment so that wasn't an option!

After a little bit of time learning to navigate without sight, Pearl is living her best life. It only took her a few minutes to navigate and figure out the layout of her new enclosure and she hit the ground running.

She is a chatty one and quacks to everyone all throughout the day. Like most ducks, she lives for her pool and snacks.

Rescueversary: March 14, 2023